I need more Cedar dolls like NOW. She’s officially my favorite doll. 

So I got tired of waiting on amazon + target & ordered Hat-tastic Cedar from mattel’s online store, and since there was 20% & free shipping I got legacy day ashlynn & cerise as well.

I have no clue what my excuse will be when a package from mattel shows up at my door if anyone but me answers… i’m just praying it’s not plastered in mattel logos.

brother: what’d you order from mattel?

me: … … … books! frozen merchandise! …. frozen merchandise books! …

brother: ….

Couldn’t resist this super cute crab! I’m not a littlest pet shop fan but this one was calling my name. 

I went to the Monster High isle expecting to find the new five pack, but there really wasn’t anything new new that I wanted… I mean outside of thronecoming, ghoul sports, etc…

& then on the opposite side of the isle I found the new style dolls! I have been waiting for these dolls for soooo long! I only got one but I want all of these new ones. I love this one her outfit is very cute and I love her box.

The box is so pretty I almost don’t want to open her! … almost. (;

EVER AFTER HIGH STATIONARY!!! the bottom right is from Target everything else is from walmart. (: walmart was pretty reasonably priced .97-$2.97 not too bad… Target $4.57 for a pencil case but they were a little better in quality. Target also had a backpack… 

Walmart also had a ton of monster high but I really wanted the EAH. 

Got the singing aurora doll yesterday! I ordered it online since it hasn’t showed up at my local disney store… it’s absolutely gorgeous in person… I think i’m going to keep her in the box. 

release date: august 1st


(Source: vinylmationkingdom.com)

Since I bought the perfume princess briar/aurora doll, then I found out mattel made another aurora in her pink dress… so I looked on ebay and I found one for a reasonable price.

It unfortunately no longer sings since the battery is so old, but I honestly could care less as it’s a very cute doll. The box said 1994 but the little instructions that came inside said 1993, so it’s pretty much the same age I am. (: