Seriously I cannot control myself, these lalaloopsy girls are so cute. ;_; I don’t know how I feel about the other girls available… I kind of want the one with glasses… and I really want the two pack…

I really hope this line is successful & there’s a wave two because I am so in love with these… still hoping for a boy in the future! C:

I did not expect to love these lalaloopsy girls as much as I do! They may be my new favorite dolls. Suzette is so cute, I absolutely love her color scheme and the bow & denim jacket are just really doing it for me. These really are such lovely dolls! :)

-I would love to see a lala loopsy boys doll in the future. 

Went to Toysrus today to get the I heart fashion Cleo, but one of the employees told me they sold out yesterday… and when I went browsing through other isles I found these! 

Words cannot describe how in love with these I am. They are so cute. I’m not a LPS fan but I absolutely love these blythe figures!

asksweetdisaster ; hehe I drew your OC! C; haha wearing a Monster High t-shirt for when or if you decide to convert to the fandom… >:D Sorry for the bad instagram quality I don’t have a scanner!

-also, I really cannot draw pony legs.

Can someone please start a campaign/petition to get monster high products in hottopic so I can sign it? Seriously though hottopic you need to make monster high merch already…



I can’t be the only MH collector who suffers from the “she’s so pretty I need two of her” problem. Or in some cases (Viperine, casbah Spectra) three. Oy….

It’s just hard not to sometimes

cough Gigi cough

My latest addictions… Shopkins & possibly Littlest Pet Shop. I’m so obsessed with these little groceries! They’re so cute. I really really do not want to get into LPS as i’m already collecting so many other things but this is already my fourth one. ;_;

Everyone who reblogs this before August 1st will get a drawing based on their blog


Hopefully I can brighten people’s days c:

yes please! C: