where is everyone finding the monster high magazine? is it something you can only order or is it not available in north america?

I get mine at Barnes & Noble but first found them at Meijers…

My Target sells them in the magazine section next to electronics.

But I can never bring myself to buy one because it’s like $5 for 15 pages.

I got CEDAR!!! I am so in love with her right now. There are so many super cute details like her cricket hair clip & the ribbons on her stockings. I’m thinking she might be my new favorite ever after high doll.

Move over Apple there’s a new favorite… or maybe I love them equally? (;

Found today at Toysrus (TX) for those interested. (:

I FINALLY GOT HIM!!! omg I wanted to cry. Found him at my walmart, asked an employee and opened a case, and he was in it! So happyyy. 
Good luck to those still hunting, may the odds be ever in your favor!

For future reference each pack comes with:

1 slo mo
2 frankie
2 venus
1 spectra

O M G so my clueless willam poster came today, super fast shipping btw considering I ordered it not that long ago… and willam signed it! Completely made my night especially after a shitty day at work. 

My email address is smokingcrackwithbritneyspears@ so that’s what he was talking about. 

Midnight run to go buy Frozen! Limited Edition Coronation Elsa should arrive tomorrow… soooo e x c i t e d. (:

I’m sure lammily has a nice personality but i think I’ll continue throwing my money at Mattel’s plastic unrealistic expectations for girls…


I seriously need to watch season 6 of Drag Race, seeing all these gifs of the queens (especially Courtney) is making me depressed :(

Episodes are uploaded every Tuesday to…