I found the regular for retail Honey Lemon at my toysrus today! She is the exact same as the disney store figure except her paint is much lighter and not a shiny metallic color. I actually prefer the regular for retail figure over the disney store.

I am so obsessed with honey lemon already. (:

I thought it would never happen but I bought a my little pony doll… I’m not a huge mlp fan but I absolutely love pinkie pie and I’ve been wanting at least one doll of her. She is super cute and I think I’m going to leave her in the box.

Found Coffin Bean Venus at Big Lots today… And she is absolutely gorgeous in person. One of my favorite Venus dolls!

Found the Lalaloopsy girl styling head today at Toysrus. I am not a huge fan of styling heads but when I saw they had one of my favorite lalaloopsy girl I knew I had to get it.

Finally bought the Barbie Style Midge, I’ve been wanting her for quite sometime but kept passing on her for new releases… She’s such a lovely doll. I love all of her accessories, and I’ve always been a sucker for midge. (:

My Tentatrio + Starwhal rewards came today! They are sooo cute in person and the extra goodies were amazing! So glad to see this Kickstarter successfully funded. ^__^

Pixar toys at Toysrus! (TX) Walle, Incredibles, Up, Nemo… (:

Ordered Honey Lemon from the disney store not too long ago & she arrived about a week or so ago… I can already tell she’s going to be my favorite character.

At Toysrus today I found Wall-e items & an entire pixar collection. Incredibles, Wall-e, Finding Nemo, and more. Wall-e is my favorite Disney Pixar film, and there hardly is ever Wall-e merch made so I made sure to grab some. So glad I found these!

Found the Cloud E. Sky & Storm E. Sky 2-pack today at my local Toysrus! I have been looking for these since I first heard of the Lalaloopsy girls. I thought I only wanted Cloud E. but after opening it, I fell in love with Storm E. as well! They’re both beyond cute in person.

I seriously am so in love with the Lalaloopsy Girls line.