I have been wanting these two for ages & I finally got them both. I found the book not too long ago at Half Priced Books, and the dolls off of amazon. 

Beyond happy I finally got this set… I think Malibu Barbie is my favorite.


And Monster High




where is everyone finding the monster high magazine? is it something you can only order or is it not available in north america?

I get mine at Barnes & Noble but first found them at Meijers…

My Target sells them in the magazine section next to electronics.

But I can never bring myself to buy one because it’s like $5 for 15 pages.

I got CEDAR!!! I am so in love with her right now. There are so many super cute details like her cricket hair clip & the ribbons on her stockings. I’m thinking she might be my new favorite ever after high doll.

Move over Apple there’s a new favorite… or maybe I love them equally? (;

Found today at Toysrus (TX) for those interested. (:

I FINALLY GOT HIM!!! omg I wanted to cry. Found him at my walmart, asked an employee and opened a case, and he was in it! So happyyy. 
Good luck to those still hunting, may the odds be ever in your favor!

For future reference each pack comes with:

1 slo mo
2 frankie
2 venus
1 spectra

O M G so my clueless willam poster came today, super fast shipping btw considering I ordered it not that long ago… and willam signed it! Completely made my night especially after a shitty day at work. 

My email address is smokingcrackwithbritneyspears@ so that’s what he was talking about. 

Midnight run to go buy Frozen! Limited Edition Coronation Elsa should arrive tomorrow… soooo e x c i t e d. (: