Found the Cloud E. Sky & Storm E. Sky 2-pack today at my local Toysrus! I have been looking for these since I first heard of the Lalaloopsy girls. I thought I only wanted Cloud E. but after opening it, I fell in love with Storm E. as well! They’re both beyond cute in person.

I seriously am so in love with the Lalaloopsy Girls line.

Anonymous asked:
I have seen tons of Holly+Poppy 2 packs at the Targets and Toys-R-Us' around Cincinnati, but I've never seen any Legacy day wave 2, or Hat-tastic Cedar (or Maddie) :/ I've only seen Dexter and basic Cedar in Justice (having to request the latter), but not in other stores.


I haven’t seen Dexter anywhere but I also haven’t looked in Justice lately. I found a regular Cedar in Target once, but she’s definitely not common there. I’m really not sure what’s up with distribution on Hat-tastic Cedar and LD wave 2, but I’ll probably end up ordering LD wave 2 on amazon. Even amazon doesn’t have Hat-tastic Cedar at retail price though!

If you don’t mind ordering online, Mattel’s store has Cedar in stock at retail price, as well as many other dolls that are harder to find in stores. Legacy Wave 2 is in stock excluding Cerise, and Hat-tastic Maddie is also in stock. ^_^

There is free shipping on orders of 35+ which is about two dolls… check retailmenot I can usually find at least one promo code to use for mattel there as well… or mattel is usually always having some sort of sale. 

To those of you who asked if legacy had been spotted in stores. They also had holly and poppy at Walmart.



I haven’t seen hide nor hair of Scaremester Wave 2 or LD Wave 2 (which have been out to early buyers from Toot’s since EARLY APRIL).

It’s really easy to lose interest in EAH when it takes this damn long + the racist fandom.

I’ve been seeing scaremester…

I saw legacy day wave two today at walmart (TX) I debated taking a picture but I figured they were already out… I got cerise & ashlynn last month so I didn’t check for cerise. But ashlynn was front & center, and I found two maddies… which is who I need.

So they will definitely be out soon. (:

Seriously I cannot control myself, these lalaloopsy girls are so cute. ;_; I don’t know how I feel about the other girls available… I kind of want the one with glasses… and I really want the two pack…

I really hope this line is successful & there’s a wave two because I am so in love with these… still hoping for a boy in the future! C:

I did not expect to love these lalaloopsy girls as much as I do! They may be my new favorite dolls. Suzette is so cute, I absolutely love her color scheme and the bow & denim jacket are just really doing it for me. These really are such lovely dolls! :)

-I would love to see a lala loopsy boys doll in the future. 

Went to Toysrus today to get the I heart fashion Cleo, but one of the employees told me they sold out yesterday… and when I went browsing through other isles I found these! 

Words cannot describe how in love with these I am. They are so cute. I’m not a LPS fan but I absolutely love these blythe figures!

asksweetdisaster ; hehe I drew your OC! C; haha wearing a Monster High t-shirt for when or if you decide to convert to the fandom… >:D Sorry for the bad instagram quality I don’t have a scanner!

-also, I really cannot draw pony legs.

Can someone please start a campaign/petition to get monster high products in hottopic so I can sign it? Seriously though hottopic you need to make monster high merch already…